kia ora!
My name is Matthew Cheah (or Matt) and I am a photographer based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Photography has long been my hobby-turned-passion since I picked up a phone camera back in 2014. 

Over the years, and through trial and error, I was able to cultivate the skills and know-how to capture the kind of photos that I can only dream of taking when I first started. I don't shy away from offering my expertise to those seeking high quality photography services at an affordable rate. Throughout my journey in photography, I have been involved in numerous events as a photographer, from volunteering at a local church to shooting commercially for gigs and graduations. 

I am always open to collaborate with you for any up-and-coming events. So, feel free to get in touch below :)
Camera Gear:
Sony a7c + Viltrox 85mm f1.8
Sony a6300 + Tamron 17-70mm f2.8
Fujica St801 (film) + Fujinon 55m f1.8